Our History

Since 2009, IMPACT Switzerland has been a registered association (NGO) in the canton of Geneva. IMPACT’s life as an organization is, however, much older than that.

When the United Nations declared 1983-92 to be the Decade of Disabled Persons, Sir John and Lady Wilson brought their energy and focus to creating a series of autonomous national organizations that would empower vulnerable communities in the global South to prevent needless disability and therefore reduce poverty and increase life chances.

Together with the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and the UNITED Nations Development Programme (UNDP) their work, and the work of many dedicated others, led to the creation of a web of autonomous local IMPACT organizations providing low-cost, often mobile, initiatives in impoverished communities.

In India, IMPACT’s Lifeline Express has been bringing healthcare to the people since 1991. In Bangladesh, the Jibon Tari ‘Ship of Life’ has been providing basic surgery since 1999, while in the Philippines a programme to meet the needs of mothers and babies during the first 1000 day of life has meant thousands of healthy life stories.

Members of the Lake Clinic Cambodia

While all IMPACTs raise funds in their own countries, we recognise that extra support is needed and that is where IMPACT Switzerland comes in. We raise awareness and funds in Switzerland for our local partners.

Beginning in 2019 we narrowed our focus to The Lake Clinic Cambodia. Because Switzerland is a country where lakes play such an important role in our daily lives, we can deeply appreciate the struggles and needs of the Tonle Sap fisher families.

Throughout the years our mission has remained constant:

Preventing needless disabilities by providing preventive healthcare and health-related education to those most in need

Strengthening local capacity and empowerment – the approach is local and not top-down

Facilitating community-based development projects